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Antique Dealer Portal Website

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Who was the customer?

The organisers of the largest antique and collector's fair and exhibitions in the UK.

What were the requirements?

A public website allowing existing trusted antique dealers to list their antiques for sale. Antiques were to be organised into categories and customers could buy directly from the dealers using PayPal.

What was our solution?

We created an extensive public website which has gone through several design changes throughout the years. It is split into five main parts

  • the public website allowing antiques to be searched for, viewed and bought online using PayPal
  • a back-end content management system (CMS) for the staff to manage the categories, dealers, items and enquiries
  • a dealer portal site so that dealers can log in to upload their items and view orders
  • a customer portal which allows public to register and manage lists of favourite dealers and items. The site also sends out daily emails showcasing new items.
  • a series of public websites for dealers showcasing the items uploaded to but using their own domains and designs. These sites are managed through the dealer portal

For the public website is just the tip of the iceberg and the back end systems for staff and dealers are far more extensive.

The site has been running for many years and currently has over 36,000 antiques worth £36m available. It has sold nearly £700,000 worth directly. It currently has over 700,000 images available to view.

The site also uses our own API so that dealers can keep stock up to date without manually uploading them. Extensive SEO techniques and monitoring have ensured that has become one of the main antiques portals in the UK.

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