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Boat Insurance Comparison Database and Website

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Who was the customer?

A local independant insurance broker/adviser specialising in boat and marine insurance.

What were the requirements?

The insurance company provided quotations which were calculated out using various spreadsheets and paperwork to manually provide a quote via phone, email or letter.

They required a website which would allow clients to enter details of their boat, including values, type of vessel, and various other parameters and produce a list of quotes from various providers.

By chooing a quote, the client would need to be able to proceed and purchase the insurance cover online, and electronically send them the required paperwork.

What was our solution?

Firstly we had to analyse the calculation methods of the various insurance providers. Data for calculating quotes was provided in either spreadsheet format, or in some case paper based forms containing matrices of figures for calculations.

We implemented a database structure which would become a 'one size fits all' to cover these methods for calculating quotations.

A comprehensive website was built to provide a simple interface for clients to enter their boat details, and display all legally required documents for them to purchase cover online.

The website and database has grown over the years, with more boat insurance providers coming on board, along with implementing integration into the leading software for boat insurance brokers.

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