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Marketing Inventory Booking System

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Who was the customer?

A multi-national medical equipment manufacturing company with branches across the globe.

What were the requirements?

The marketing department for this company ran a large number of sales personnel performing demonstrations and training sessions in hospitals and universities throughout the country. With a large number of products, some of which are high value and bulky, it was becoming time consuming to organise the demonstrations effectively and track inventory.

What was our solution?

We implemented a web based solution which allowed the sales personnel in the field to login and view all available products and support material for their demonstrations. After booking out what items are needed at the demonstration location, the system allowed the marketing department warehouse to organise packaging, print packing labels and email couriers to deliver the items. Once the demonstration was over, the system emails couriers to arrange collection.

The new system facilitates an efficient solution to the logistical problem of supplying demonstration and marketing materials to sales personnel in the field. It gives the marketing department visibility of stock levels and allows them to easily manage the booking request through its life cycle. Management reports, KPIs and dashboard displays allows both front line and back room staff to work better.

Due to the success of this system it was soon followed by requests for further software development projects for the customer.

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