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Increase Efficiency

Upgrading your legacy software can help increase the productivity of your staff and systems, allowing for safer and more modern programmes to be utilised

Enhance Your Security

Protect your valuable customer data by upgrading your legacy system with Vale. Our modern upgrades incorporate the latest encryption and security, keeping you safe from cyber attacks

Save On Costs

It can be more cost-effective for your business to update its legacy software than to continue maintenance. Updated legacy software also costs less to operate and can combine multiple tools into one

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What are legacy systems?

Is your business reliant on an outdated software system? Constructed many years ago, these legacy systems could be hindering your businesses efficiency and profitability, whilst also putting your valuable data at risk of hacking.

It's easy for your business to be put at a disadvantage by mazes of spreadsheets and Microsoft Access databases that are no longer sufficient. Due to their age, these methods are likely to be incompatible with modern hardware, systems and processes. Legacy software packages built years ago will be very much 'of their time' and will unlikely be fully compatible with both modern hardware, operating systems and processes.

Why do you need to update them?

It may be that you have invested heavily in a software system over the years, but it no longer delivers the functionality or performance required for today's modern market. It can be a very difficult choice to decide whether to persevere a system that has no support or updates available, especially if your business is comfortable using it. Vale makes the updating and migrating process system extremely easy, ensuring that your business is compatible and completely comfortable with the modern system.

Over time, legacy systems can start to become expensive in comparison to modern solutions. Newer systems can make processes such as sharing, exporting and importing data indefinitely more efficient, even allowing for integration with other platforms.

What we can do for you?

Vale can analyse your existing legacy software, offering advice on the best way to optimise your software. Regardless of the style of your legacy software, Vale makes the transition as straightforward as possible. We have a range of options available, including the migration of data to internal or third-party cloud/web-based systems.

We can help to make your businesses data accessible from anywhere and available on all popular devices.

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Step 1 of 3: Tell us about you and your business