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Car Valuation Website and Appointment System

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Who was the customer?

A Bristol based car dealership with multiple branches across Wales and the South West.

What were the requirements?

With the increased popularity of car valuation websites, the client wanted to provide a similar service.

They wanted clients to be able to enter their registration plate, along with details such as mileage and condition, to provide a maximum figure of how much they would be willing purchase the car from the client.

If the client was happy with the validation, an appointment would need to be made to bring the vehicle to their chosen branch.

What was our solution?

To get the car valuation we needed to integrate the website with Experian using an API to lookup the registration number, then once the details of the vehicle had been confirmed, a further API call to the CAP database was required to get the valuation.

Once the client had chosen their nearest branch, and had agreed to the valuation, they could arrange an appointment by selecting from available slots.

Due to occasional no-shows by the clients, we implemented a reminder facility which regularly sent them an SMS and an email containing details of the appointment, and the facility to cancel.

On the admin side of the website, appointments and outcomes could be easily monitored, along with some excellent GEO location reporting to determine how effective their advertising was.

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