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Who are the customers?

We have a wide range of customers with bespoke CMS website, ranging from sole traders to multi-million pound turnover enterprises

What were the requirements?

When people require a website, there is an endless list of what they want it to do. They may want to add a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, or be able to edit testimonials.

Other website elements that our customers want control over are things like home page carousels, blogs and news articles, and of course general page content.

Naturally, these can be a bit daunting if you have no web experience, this is where we come in.

What was our solution?

By building dynamic websites driven from databases, we have been able to develop our own Content Management System (CMS) which can then be tailored to the requirements and experience of the end user.

Each of our websites contain a simple and easy to use set of forms to easily enter, delete or add information to the website. We also take away the frustrations of getting the content to appear correctly.

With this approach, we find it easy to build any custom style data entry for displaying on the website, so whether it's prices lists, quote systems, policy comparisons or ecommerce shops, we can build the solution tailored to your needs.

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