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Medical Equipment Repair Tracking System

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Who was the customer?

A multi-national medical equipment manufacturing company with branches across the globe.

What were the requirements?

The company manufactures a large portfolio of medical equipment used in hospitals and facilities throughout the country. If an item requires service or repair, it has to be collected, repaired and returned to the customer. Organising and tracking this process using existing systems and processes was not efficient.

What was our solution?

We implemented a web based solution which allowed the whole repair/servicing cycle to be managed in a single system. The job starts by logging the repair request for the customer. Emails are generated to confirm the repair and couriers are contacted to pick up the equipment. After service or repair at another facility the equipment is returned to the customer. The system also tracks loaned equipment and documentation required as these could be medical supplies.

The system allows easy management of the cycle and gives the company visibility of the current situation at all times. Management reports, exports, KPIs and dashboards are also available.

The Repair tracking system builds upon and complements the Booking System we developed for the same customer. We are always looking at providing long term relationships with our customers to help them.

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