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Care and Health Sector Recruitment Agency CRM

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Who was the customer?

A multi award winning recruitment agency specialising in health, social care and special education needs.

What were the requirements?

The agency required an online CRM database system to replace their existing excel spreadsheet for managing staff availability and client bookings.

A client would contact the agency requesting staff members for a certain date, and a search would need to be made for available staff with relevant skills.

Bookings would need to be tracked, and reports produced at the end of each week for calculating client billing and staff wages.

What was our solution?

Using a web based database system, we developed the forms required to maintain clients and staff members, along with regular client shift patterns, and staff member availability.

When a booking was required, a search can be made by date and by skills listing all available staff who could then be assigned to the booking.

A full booking calendar and list was created to manage bookings, and used for calculating weekly/monthly billing and wages.

Ongoing work will allow for staff members to manage their own availability, and for clients to track/manage their own bookings.

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