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Who was the customer?

A team of mortgage brokers and financial advisors

What were the requirements?

A web based system to streamline the workflow of staff arranging mortgages and insurance. A client website was also required to keep their clients up to date with the mortgage application process.

What was our solution?

We developed two web based database applications for the customer:

  • The main application allowed the brokers advisors and staff to manage the applications for mortgages and protection policies from initial customer contact and information gathering, through mortgage selection and completion.
  • The client site allows the brokers customers to oversee each stage of the application, upload documents, make notes and gives an overview of the clients mortgage portfolio. It provides valuable insight into a process which can seem opaque.

The main system collects a lot of sensitive user data required by the applications so security and ability to encrypt this data was essential. The mortgage broker can also customise the workflow and stages for each type of application. At each stage, documents and notes can be added and emails and SMS messages sent to clients to advise of progress. Once completed, reports, enquiries and KPIs can be generated as well as Fact Find documentation for audit purposes.

The system was well received by our customer and we are currently in the process of supplying it as a commercial product to other mortgage brokers.

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