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Importing, exporting, scraping - we'll sort your data

Migrating, Importing, Scraping Data Has Never Been Easier

Easily collect data

Vale can import data from manufacturers or suppliers directly into your e-commerce database. We can even data scrape web pages from suppliers, dealers and competitors

Save time

Save your business valuable time and avoid mundane data entry by employing our data collection or screen scraping services

Convenient exports

All the data we collect can be easily exported into any format required, allowing you to be flexible for your customer needs

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What are Data Services and Screen Scraping?

Data is the key when it comes to developing effective database software. Vale offers data services to transfer data from one system to another, allowing for the import and export of data in many different formats such as XML, CSV, JSON, Text, Excel, Access, Oracle and many more.

Web page screen scraping is an alternative method of gathering data. For example, Vale offers a service that can read in a supplier e-commerce web page and generate the collected data into any required format by simply scraping the page content.

Why would you need Data Services or Screen Scraping?

The manual entry of data into databases can be long and arduous tasks, with it generally being a very inefficient process also. Much of the data that needs to be entered is often readily available from suppliers, manufacturers or whoever in various formats. We can help get this data quickly entered into your database.

If your supplier has an e-commerce website, Vale offers a data scrape service that outputs all the content from a specific webpage in whatever format is required. This content can also be directly imported to your own e-commerce site, once the data scrape has been completed.

What we can do for you?

Our data services allow us to dynamically read your web page data or data from third-party suppliers, manipulate it, develop queries or reports, import or export, saving your business hours of wasted time.

We can also keep the products and prices from your e-commerce website regularly updated, via data supplied from manufacturers or scraped from third-party websites.

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Step 1 of 3: Tell us about you and your business