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Works Order and Invoicing System

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Who was the customer?

A local company designing and manufacturing fire doors for the Education, Health and Commercial sectors.

What were the requirements?

The company routinely handles contracts to supply hundreds and even thousands of door sets for its many commercial customers. A spreadsheet is prepared to record the details of each door set required. Manually translating this into labels, work orders and delivery notes for their manufacturing process across multiple implementation phases was a long and tedious job.

What was our solution?

We designed a solution which loaded the data from their specification spreadsheets into a web based database based system. Using custom designed screens the system generates detailed work orders for the shop floor and delivery notes for their customers. The spreadsheets are still used as the input to the system as the company has found that they are the most efficient method for them, so it was important that any new system was able to work with this requirement.

A second phase of development for the company extended the original system to generate customer invoices based on actual delivery schedules as well as producing reports and audit information.

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