Legacy Software Updates & Migrations

Stuck with an old software system and no-one to turn to?

What are legacy systems?

Many businesses are still reliant on out-dated software systems built many years ago which could well be detrimental to their efficiency and profitability. Businesses may be propped up with a maze of spreadsheets or Microsft Access databases, or perhaps the software you are using is no longer supported, and the original software developers are just simply no longer available.

Legacy software packages built years ago will be very much 'of their time' and will unlikely be fully compatible with both modern hardware, operating systems and processes.

Why do you need to update them?

It may be that you have invested heavily in a software system over the years, but they no longer deliver the functionality or performance required for today's modern market. It could be a very difficult choice to decide whether to persevere with the system (may be with no support or updates available), or to look at upgrading or migrating to a new modern system.

As time progresses, existing systems could start to prove expensive, and may prevent work being done in more efficient ways. Similarly, old software packages may have limits on how you can share, export and import data and integrate with other systems.

What we can do for you

Let us help analyse your existing legacy software systems and offer advice on the best way way forward. Options could include perhaps moving them to a cloud/web based database system, modernising the software to work the way you need it to. This could include connecting it to other internal or 3rd party systems, and making it available on mobile tablets and smartphones.

Our legacy software support and migration options could:

  • Help reduce support and maintenance costs by using modern widely used programming languages and methodologies with the need to rely on specialist software developers
  • Utilise new technologies and increase performance, whilst removing redundant features and other issues hampering productivity
  • Improve application usability and appeal to users by implementing user friendly, easy to use front-ends familiarised on modern apps and websites
  • Provide better and more visual reporting to management, with the data at their fingertips, creating instant productivity and analysis

We have worked with many companies; turning ideas into business changing bespoke software solutions