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10 reasons why a bespoke CRM system can benefit your business

10 reasons why a bespoke CRM system can benefit your business

Within this blog, we explore ten unique reasons as to how your business could reap the benefits of a bespoke designed CRM system.

How can it benefit your business?

Organise Your Leads & Enquiries

Inbound leads can sometimes be hard to manage and there’s nothing worse than missing out on a potential customer. With a custom CRM you’ll never experience these problems again, a CRM system stores and organises all your leads and enquiries in one place, allowing you to access and review them at your convenience.

All-in-one Customer & Accounts Database

Are you still using paper filing systems to store customer data? By employing a customised CRM system you can transfer all your current and future customer data into an all-in-one digital database. Within this database, you’ll be able to store all important customer documents, creating groups and audiences that allow for increased productivity.

Automatic Quote Generation

Looking to get quotes to your customers faster and more effectively? Tailored CRM systems can also help with that. Based on the criteria you require, a bespoke CRM system can automatically send your customers and prospects quotations, giving your team one less thing to think about.

Digital Sales & Invoicing

In tandem with your automated quoting system, a custom CRM also allows you to distribute professionally designed invoices to your customers. These invoices allow you to keep track of customer pricing history and also initiate repeat invoicing processes, further automating your business's processes. Better still, this system can be integrated into all popular third party accounts packages, keeping your systems in sync.

Automated Stock Purchasing

If you're looking for a way to automate the purchasing of your stock, then a tailor-made CRM system is the solution for you. Minimising breakdowns in your supply chain a CRM system could be programmed to automatically purchase stock when you’re running low, storing all relevant paperwork in a secure and accessible location.

Simple Website & CMS Connectivity

Your website is one of the most important elements to your business and its overarching brand, being a core selling point for many. That’s why many custom CRMs are designed for simple integration of your website, keeping customer data secure and allowing for seamless content management from within your CRM interface.

Synchronised E-Commerce

Acting as a digital salesperson to your business, a fine-tuned CRM could be designed to manage your backend sales automatically. Delivering a whole range of processes at the touch of a button, including; the delivery of purchase receipts, recurring invoices, payment reminders and past-due notifications. Bespoke CRM systems give you more time to focus on the important stuff.

Fluid Project Management

As the old saying goes “teamwork makes the dream work”, and that’s exactly what many custom CRMs aim to initiate. Take your team member coordination to the next level, effectively assigning clients and tasks to specific staff, all visible on a custom calendar. Improve your business's efficiency and make your team aware of all company updates and messages.

Inventory & Product Monitoring

Wondering what your current inventory looks like? A bespoke CRM could be designed so that you can do just that. With a few clicks of a button, you’ll be able to find the older stock you forgot that you assigned for upsells, cross-sells, point of sale promotions and sales.

What is ValeCRM?

One of Vale Software’s most recent addition and answer to a custom CRM solution. ValeCRM is a reliable and bespoke CRM system that is unlike many restrictive, off-the-shelf CRMs. ValeCRM can be tailored to your business's needs; providing you with the platform needed to increase the efficiency and performance of your business.

ValeCRM can be designed in such a way to meet as many or as few of the benefits mentioned above. With a stunningly designed and easy to use UI, ValeCRM is the perfect custom CRM solution for businesses of all sizes, in any industry.

To learn more about ValeCRM get in touch with one of our friendly experts using the details below or by visiting our website.

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