Date Added: December 14, 2021

App Building Now In Progress!

App Building Now In Progress!

At Vale Software we've started to look at new avenues to further help our new and existing customers become truly limitless. By expanding our team of skilled in-house developers, we've started building bespoke mobile apps.

We were recently tasked with developing an App for local company KontrolTek which allows their clients and potential clients to sign up and request quotes for work, sending photos and details directly integrating into their CRM system.

Connection is key, and Vale Software can build you an app capable of becoming a flagship and first port of call for your company and its customers, our apps are developed in house and published to both app stores as part of our process.

Like our CRM software, our apps are built with customers in mind, or for internal use so your staff can use the app to manage their everyday tasks and routines. 

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