Date Added: April 23, 2021

GMEC Solutions - New Website Goes Live

GMEC Solutions - New Website Goes Live

Great news - GMEC Solutions' new website has just gone live - another satisfied customer added to our ever expanding list.

“I cannot recommend the team at Vale Software Solutions highly enough for the service they have provided GMEC Solutions with regards to the redevelopment of our online profile.

As the team will testify, I had a very specific vision and requirement for the new website, on how it should look and operate, to be user friendly and add value to the GMEC operations.

This was achieved and with every minor tweak I wanted (which was quite a few) the team at Vale Software Solutions reacted quickly and efficiently”.

We now have further projects in development and we look forward to continuing this effective working relationship to their successful conclusions and the ongoing development of GMEC Solutions operations and services.”

Gavin Tuck – Managing Director – GMEC Solutions Limited

For this project, we were given free rein to carry out the web design and development for GMEC Solutions, a Bridgend-based engineering consultancy. Below, we’ve broken up the case study into easy-to-navigate sections: Customer, Problem, Solution and Results.

The Customer

GMEC Solutions, Your Pocket Engineer, is a compliance management and engineering consultancy founded by Gavin Tuck. It’s B2B, where Gavin and the team visit manufacturers on-site, and inspect machinery and equipment to ensure they’re compliant.

Some of the things they do include:

  • Inspections
  • Maintenance
  • Surveying
  • Fabrication
  • Auditing
  • Monitoring
  • Installation and demolition

With over 28 years of experience, they want to cement themselves as the go-to consultancy whenever an engineer or manufacturer is facing an issue.

The Problem

GMEC Solutions did have a website already, but it was outdated and not delivering the results they needed. It was built with an off-the-shelf product which had limited functionality.

As it was a growing business, the previous website was limiting because it wasn’t 1) generating leads and 2) couldn’t be used in support of sales. This, combined with the fact that the Content Management Software (CMS) offered no flexibility, was hindering Gavin and the team.

The Solution

Gavin first got in contact with us in late January. It was a great project to work on because Gavin was able to specify what he wanted on the website, but apart from that, he trusted us to carry out the web design and development based on the conversations had.

Working from the existing brand, we built it with the industry in mind. Gavin explained that most of his business is repeat customers or word-of-mouth. So, the goal for the project was to primarily create a refreshed online presence marketing the GMEC brand for Gavin and the team, with lead generation being a secondary goal.

Some of the things Gavin specified they wanted, which the previous website lacked, were:

  • Section for documents and certifications
  • An easy, straightforward online booking form
  • ‘Add to calendar’ option in emails to customers who booked appointments via the website

The first point was especially important, as the industry is so heavily regulated when it comes to health & safety and compliance. This is something the team at GMEC can either show customers, send to customers, or when prospects visit the website, they can feel assured that the business is certified.

Once the website and CMS were built, Richard spent some time with Gavin training him on how to use the CMS, so he’ll be able to easily manage the website in future.

It was important to make the CMS as simple as possible. This means Gavin or anyone else at GMEC Solutions won’t be wasting time working on it, when they could be doing something more important.

In future, it’ll be easy for Gavin and the team to add more team members, case studies, product pages and more to the website.

The Results

Gavin reached out to Richard on LinkedIn. Time nor budget was a real issue, so there were several conversations afterwards before the start date was given.

Richard and Rob both worked the web design and development — ultimately, spending a total of 16 work hours from start to finish. This was to create a 20+ page website, with a completely bespoke CMS for GMEC Solutions.

After the build, we worked around Gavin’s schedule, giving him a training session via Zoom. This time period also allowed for any feedback to be addressed and website edits to be made.

Fortunately, there weren’t any major edits needed. So, Richard and Rob spent this time between training further optimising the website. This will have improved the SEO and the website’s future ranking on search engines.

The successful delivery of projects like this one gives customers confidence to reuse our services for other ideas they’d like to bring to life.

Vale Software Solutions will host the website for GMEC Solutions. If there are any issues related to our work, Gavin and the team can contact us at any time to resolve them. Free of charge.

For a growing business like GMEC, this professional and functional website will significantly help them generate new leads and consolidate potential customers.

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